What to eat to boost metabolism

If you are over 40, chances are good that your changing body composition may be causing your metabolism to slow down. Even if your weight has remained stable, the fight to keep the scale from edging upward often gets tougher with each passing year. Certified Personal Trainer Johnny Gillespie says clients frequently ask him for metabolism-boosting advice. He says that if you want to boost metabolism the healthy way, it takes a combination of diet and exercise.

In his latest blog, Gillespie points out that muscle tissue is metabolically active. It burns calories. “To boost metabolism, it is really important to use as many of your muscles as possible,” he advises. He explains why resistance training is particularly effective, and why you might want to avoid resistance training machines.

He adds that certain nutrients, including the EGCg found in Sunphenon, may also help to boost metabolism. “EGCg is a catechin that helps raise metabolism and contributes to fat burning,” he writes. Gillespie also suggests, “Consider eating every three hours. That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack between meals.” Make sure that each meal contains a balance of macronutrients.

He asserts that, “Just eating breakfast, lunch and dinner slows your metabolism, makes you age more quickly, causes you to gain weight and to have less energy.”