Harvard professor on the health benefits of tea

The health benefits of tea were the subject of a recent column by a Harvard professor, Dr. Anthony Komaroff, who teaches at the Harvard Medical School. Writing in The Daily Journal Online, Komaroff cited published research that suggests a number of health benefits of tea consumption. Dr. Komaroff noted that green tea provided the most benefits, followed by oolong and black teas.

health benefits of tea

Harvard professor cites 11 studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition supporting the health benefits of tea.

Dr. Komaroff cited 11 studies published recently in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition as providing evidence for the health benefits of tea, though he made clear that the findings were still too preliminary to make decisive conclusions.

Among the benefits he cited were:

– Polyphenols – which occur naturally in green, oolong and white teas, might strengthen bones and protect against fractures.

– Caffeine and antioxidants called catechins found in green, oolong and white teas may increase metabolism and help promote the shedding of weight.

– Improvements in mood, concentration and performance are associated with tea consumption.

Anthony Komaroff is the Steven P. Simcox/Patrick A. Clifford/James H. Higby Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, Senior Physician at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Editor-in-Chief of Harvard Health Publications.  A practicing physician, Dr. Komaroff also teaches clinical medicine as well as clinical research methods. He is the author of over 200 journal articles and book chapters and of one book.

His article can be found at: https://dailyjournalonline.com/news/opinion/advice/dr-komaroff/studies-confirm-that-drinking-tea-has-health-benefits/article_eee5d00e-a855-11e3-a22a-001a4bcf887a.html