Study shows green tea polyphenols may give you a better complexion

The secret to having a more healthful, glowing complexion may be in your kitchen. Human clinical studies published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrated that women who consumed green tea polyphenols for 12 weeks had better overall skin quality than those who did not. The green tea polyphenols also appeared to protect skin from the sun’s harmful UV radiation.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled university study involving 60 women measured green tea polyphenols’ UV protection from the inside out, as well as volunteers’ skin elasticity, roughness, scaling density and hydration. A second similarly randomized study measured the polyphenols’ benefits to skin’s blood flow, which improves nutrient delivery and contributes to giving you that youthful glow. Sunphenon green tea extract capsules were used in this research, to ensure that volunteers consumed a consistent amount of the active green tea constituents.

The researchers demonstrated that the women who consumed the green tea polyphenols had improved skin hydration due to less water loss, better density and elasticity, and less UV-induced redness. Researchers also commented that green tea polyphenols may help to reduce UV-induced signs of aging.

Pointing to previous studies, the researchers also stated, “There is strong evidence to support the concept that the consumption of dietary flavonoids from tea may confer photoprotection, reduce the risk of skin cancer and improve skin quality.”

It’s simple enough to try this for yourself, without having to guess whether you’ve brewed your green tea long enough to get a beneficial amount of its polyphenols. Available in capsule form, Sunphenon is an all-natural, standardized green tea extract rich in polyphenols. With Sunphenon, what you don’t get also matters. You get the power of green tea extract produced from pesticide and solvent compliant green tea.