Article describes green tea benefit, but should have mentioned how to protect yourself against pesticides.

Best-selling author and nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden was quoted in a March 31, 2014 Woman’s World article, “Tea – the new Fountain of Youth!” The article describes some of the many health boosts offered by tea’s natural components. In a section subtitled, “Black and green tea shield against Alzheimer’s,” Bowden remarks: “Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that may reduce inflammation in the brain as well as throughout the body.”

Bowden has previously commented on the power of green tea, adding: “But here’s what you should know. Tea, like all plants, can absorb what’s in the environment. It can be contaminated by toxins in the soil and air, and also by chemicals used in the extraction process to make green tea supplements. Keep in mind that green tea is grown in China and other Asian countries where dozens of pesticides are used. Often, these pesticides are actually legal in the growing country, however, they are not allowed here in the U.S. where we have much stricter guidelines. Unfortunately, this is even true of certified organic tea, which often is indirectly contaminated with pesticides. However, this polyphenol is just too important to ignore, especially when there are excellent choices available if you only know where to look.

“Most of us are too busy to brew three cups of green tea every day. So here’s what you do. Look for a supplement called Sunphenon. It’s the one that’s clean, safe, effective and compliant. Sunphenon is the first and only green tea to date to receive the new global certification for food safety. It’s made from pesticide controlled green tea leaves, specifically to meet the U.S. guidelines. It is then extracted with water (just like brewing tea), and for the higher concentrations further decaffeinated using only FDA-approved methods, never with chloroform or other illegal solvents that unfortunately are another common concern with botanical extracts. You may pay more for it, but it’s worth it.”